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Thinning Scissors Jaguar Pastel Plus

● The design of this scissors is simple and elegant, with unique craftsmanship, and the teeth are cut without traces. This type of scissors has a simple design and a unique craftsmanship. Large and sparse teeth can be cut without traces. 6 inches, 23 teeth, the rate of hair removal is about 20-25%.

● This type of scissors can easily cope with repeated hair removal and create a seamless effect. The draw cut is smoother, suitable for fine cut processing. Suitable for minor adjustments of girls' texture styling and boys' hairstyles.

● Fine cut men's short hair can be used instead of flat cut or electric push. The reduced effect is natural and soft, and the work efficiency is high. Long hairstyles for women need a strong sense of texture, which can be used to adjust and trim the hair or the ends. It can also be used before perm for long hair, especially for curls that have a lot of hair and want to be soft. It can create a strong sense of restraint and voids, which can make the perm effect better.

● If you are a good hair stylist, or you love excellent quality tools, this dental scissors is a very good choice for you.

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