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HAITO Kuro Offset 5.5 Inch Thinning Scissors

● This is a thinning hair scissors used in barbershops or hair salons. The teeth are in the shape of antlers. 5.5 inch, 27 teeth, the hair removal rate is 25-30%.

● Scissors are hand-made by experienced old craftsmen, using 440c steel, exquisite quality, sharp and durable. Suitable for professional hairdressers.

● The scissors steel has high hardness and adopts Japanese sub-forging welding technology, and the handle and blade are separately forged. The inner side of the blade is uniformly made by a fully automatic water grinder to ensure that the thickness of each blade is consistent. At the same time, the consistency of the contact surface of the inner guide rail is ensured to ensure a comfortable feel and stability during the use of the scissors.

● Professional cutting process teeth, the teeth are fine, the cutting effect is soft, leaving no traces. It is suitable for cutting male and female hair, cutting sharply and not prone to faults.

● Scissors use CNC precision screws, with good precision and not easy to loosen, ensuring smooth cutting. Do not adjust the tightness of the scissors at will. Too loose or tight screws will affect the closure and durability of the two blades.

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