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Sterilized Disposable Instruments

Model: DT-620-10(SD)
Splinter Forceps are multi-purpose, tapered forceps for grasping and removing small foreign objects. Material Stainless Steel straight, with serrated jaws and pointed tipsBrand Name   Supremed InstrumentsSurnameForcepsCurvatureStraight Packing Box of 25 Pcs Working Style&nbs..
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Brand: Talha Brothers & Co., Model: GY-1142-25(SD)
It consists of a slender sharp-pointed hook attached to a handle and is used mainly in surgery for seizing and holding parts, such as blood vessels.Brand Name   Supremed Instruments SurnameForceps  CurvatureStraight Packing  Box of 10 Pcs  Working St..
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Brand: Talha Brothers & Co., Model: GY-021-105(SD)
A vaginal speculum is a tool that doctors use during pelvic exams. Made of metal or plastic, it's hinged and shaped like a duck's bill. Your doctor .Brand Name   Supremed Instruments SurnameCUSCO VAGINAL SPECULUM  CurvatureAngled  Handle&nb..
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Brand: Talha Brothers & Co., Model: SM-18-1107(SD)
The forceps feature a diagonal jaw that can be used for removing the cilia for blepharoplasty or management of blepharitis marginals. In.Brand Name   Talha Brothers & Co.,SurnameForceps  CurvatureStraight Handle Thumb Handle Workin..
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